Deposit $400
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? No
Available from 06 Jan 2020
Guests Students, Travellers, Workers

Hello, I have a room available for a female student and/or worker. The room is located in an apartment. There is one bathroom and the toilet is separate from the bathroom. The unit is near a bus stop and train station. Train journey takes about 12 minutes from Alderley station to the city centre or about 25 minutes by bus from my place to the city centre. Can reach Queensland University of Technology within 35 minutes by bus from my place. Can walk to the supermarket, post office and restaurants from my place. If you would like to know more or are interested in staying please message me.

$200 includes rent, electricity, gas, internet and hot water. I can provide meals if requested for an extra charge, or if you prefer to cook your own meals that is fine with me too. I can discuss the price of meals based on what meals are required.

About me:
I am the only person living in the apartment and I work in Brisbane. I regularly spend time with my friends and enjoy having them visit my home or visiting them at their homes for meals. I have travelled to eight countries outside of Australia and like to meet people from all over the world. I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, listening to music, travelling and walking


Basic member
Phone not verified


Place Distance Time By

Queensland University of Technology

4 km

35 mins