The Gap


Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? No
House has pets? Yes
Available from 22 Feb 2020
Available to 25 Jul 2020
Guests Students

For over 18 female students, there are two rooms we offer for homestay. One comfortable bedroom upstairs with a single bed, desk, drawers and closet and home bathroom is shared - $250/week

Downstairs is a large living area with its own private entry. It has two single beds, it’s own private bathroom and a living room space with a TV. The room also has a island bench with stools with a kettle for tea and coffee facilities. It is perfect for a twinshare or someone wanting a deluxe Homestay set-up with your own private bathroom. One person $300/week - two people $240/week each.

Electricity, gas and water costs are included in the price.
Internet is provided for $

We live in a quiet, leafy part of Brisbane only 9km from the city. The bus is a 5 min walk and is an easy 30min trip to the city centre. We have lived here for many years and it’s a great neighbourhood. We are next door to The Brisbane State Forest - so lots of beautiful birds.


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Place Distance Time By

QUT Garden Point

10 kms



City centre

9 kms