Deposit $660
Minimum stay 8 weeks
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? No
Available from 10 Nov 2019
Guests Students

My name is Stephen and my job is security for government and my partner is Emma (Ya-Yu) and she is a studen in Southport in a english school. There is a double bed with sheets provided, plus a small study desk and chair in room and a big built in wardrobe with house is a 2 story Town house with 4 Bedrooms and shared bathroom. Big screen TV and all household items you need. You can catch a tram to Surface Paradise or a train to Brisbane. The complex has a pool and BBQ area
for rent! 
• Location: Helensvale 
• Own room. 
• Available now (female may only apply) 
• 10 minute walk to bus stop, Train, Tram & Shopping centre 
• Griffith University Goldcoast by Tram
• 2 hour
• Fully furnished included-TV, Fridge, washing machine. 
• Included in rent: (including electricity, water, Netflix, WIFI.)


Basic member
Phone not verified


Place Distance Time By

Griffith university Goldcoast

9 km

31 mins


Surface Paradise

18 km

54 mins


Brisbane City

63 km

125 mins