Nationality United States
Gender Male
Type Traveller
Needs From 18 Dec 2019
Needs To 07 Mar 2020
Needs Meals Breakfast
Needs Internet Yes
Smokes? No
Needs Airport Pickup? No
Okay with Pets Yes

Hi ! I am from America ( with the U. S. passport ). I was born in Shanghai. My major background is Electrical Engineering and I was a senior electrical engineer in USA. I am going to look for a school in Gold Coast or Brisbane area. I am a very honest, stable, mature, friendly, reasonable, easy going and quiet person. I do not smoke at all. Usually I do not drink alcohol (sometime a little bit ok). I am a very healthy over 60 man ( thank God! ). I may have allergy problem from pollen and long hair cats. I am willing to help some house work if the house host need ...
Thank you ! Ming